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All Extreme Rides shuttle will take you, your friends, family and colleagues to the Dumont Sand Dunes for a full day of fun and excitement! The extreme sandrail adventure ride is designed to exhilarate you and take your fun to the next level. It’s more than just a ride, it’s an adventure! From the shuttle ride to the main event, our “A” team is on their “A” game to make your experience one you will never forget. The extreme performance off road action happens at the Dumont Sand Dunes in the Mojave Desert just outside of the Southern Nevada border about 100 miles from Las Vegas. “Duners” travel from all over to rip around in this awesome 8,150 acre sand spectacle. The All Extreme Rides shuttle picks up daily on the fabulous Las Vegas strip to embark on a day of rip roaring adventure!

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If you’re the courageous type and are down for the white knuckle ride of your life, you need to experience this extreme sandrail adventure ride. Beware, this ride is for the fearless! This extreme sandrail course is fast and furious and will make even the most daring thrill seeker squeal.
You will experience the raw power of the high performance Corvette motor as your skilled professional dune driver rips through twists and turns, carves over sharp dune ridge tops, spirals in and out of massive dune bowls, screams down the flat straightaways, catches some serious air and pulls G-force power wheelies while drag racing up Competition Hill! This ride will tell the tale of your fearlessness, so man up (or girl up) and jump in with us for a great time. Reserve your adventure ride NOW!

2013 Season Kick Off Special
Only $299 per Person
for a limited time only